A Passion for Vorarlberg - 3rd edition  Sold out!


The fact that Vorarlberg can become a passion is something that both local residents and visitors agree upon. It is due to the very lasting and unflinching nature of this passion – which has barely abated before it is rekindled by the next object of fascination – that the passion for Vorarlberg endures.

……. Loud laughter can be heard from the Subersach river to the Gschwendtobel bridge, the  age-old connection between Großdorf and Lingenau in the Bregenz Forest region. Some meters below the covered wooden bridge, a group of men are taking part in a friendly competition. There trousers turned up, they compete with each other by throwing flat stones into the stream such that they bounce off the clear water as many times as possible. We aren’t watching a school outing, but top managers from large companies …………

Photos by Peter Mathis      Text by Alfons J. Kopf      Published by FenkART Publishing & Peter Mathis