Peter Mathis: "Mountains in space-time" by Malte Roeper


Extract from the book....

...His mountain views breathe such a deep, almost sacred beauty that even I, as someone for whom writing is a vocation and who feels as much at home in the mountains as Peter Mathis, am reluctant to try to translate these photos into words. Often the moment seems absolutely unique: the way the light and clouds are here now in this moment, yes, that's exactly how it has to be. How beautiful that it was like this. In theoretical physics there is the idea of "wormholes" in space-time; slip into one and you would quickly be somewhere else, you can't even imagine. Peter Mathis seemed to have the gift of finding such moments in the space-time of the mountain, in the orbits of sun position, clouds and camera position on the opposite slope.

There he drags his equipment up, preferably the very heavy tripods, which vibrate a little less when the wind blows, and it almost always blows where Peter Mathis works. ......


176 Pages,   92 Photographs in Duotone



All Photos by Peter Mathis.     Texts by Malte Roeper & Peter Mathis       Published by PRESTEL Verlag


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