Awarded by FEP - Federation of European Professional Photographers as Photobook of the Year 2013, category landscape.

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"Visual Dualism" - as the title suggests the book especially presents forms of visual contrasts. However, in reality, it achieves a lot more since it brings us face to face with the basic constitution of human perception and its interpretation. Artists know this well and use this leeway to allow us to experience the world in which we live as pure potential that needs to be interpreted anew at every moment. They enable us to discern new connections and to see the seemingly familiar things with completely new eyes.
Good pictures are not about the composition or the reproduction of motifs but about creating that freedom for interpretation wherein the observer can see and experience the represented object in newer ways, time and again.


Peter Mathis presents this with masterful certainty in his photographs of the Dolomites. The dualistic principle of the chiaroscuro composition creates the focal point. He works with light and the resultant shadowed areas and their grading like a painter with his palette of paints.


With a Foreword by Christiane Schmieger, Art Historian.
Comments and point of views by Alex Huber, Ulrike Tappeiner, Stefan Fiedler, Neil Warner,

Jürgen Winkler, Stefan Bundi.


All photos by Peter Mathis.     Published by FenkART Publishing.


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