The very origin of the word "portraits" comes to mind in looking at these images. The Latin "protrahere" might be translated as "discover," "reveal," "put forth," or "bring to the fore." The synonyms may help us interpret the "ich"

(the pronoun "I") as part of the word "Gesicht" (face), and give us insight into each of the images.

One can read more than in a book in some of the faces and clearly see another individual in each one of them. The portraits inspire, perhaps even challenge us to see more than just a single face of a person. The artist shows us the differences among his sitters: their appearances, their characters, their natures. Here are portraits of 77 different residents of our city, a colorful mix of people both in the mainstream and lesser known.

Texts are deliberately short and both reveal personal and additional material: "Living photography builds up, does not tear down. It proclaims the dignity of man. Living photography is positive in its approach; it sings a song of life." (Berenice Abbott). This claim serves as a red thread in every instance of these fine photographs.


Excerpts from the foreword by Edmund Banzer.


Photos by Peter Mathis      Texts by Dieter Heidegger, Gudrun Fenkart      Published by FenkART Publishing


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